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Control Room

This is the central-hub or “maestro” of the recording process. It’s an important component to any successful music or audio project. The audio engineer will control the recording session from this room. Mixers, interfaces, computers, software, displays, speakers, video cameras and more are involved. Full Circle Studio of the Hudson Valley upgraded the Control Rooms’ primary mixer this year to the Behringer X32. The Control Room remains outfitted with an iMac 27” computer system that utilizes ProTools industry standard software. Logic Pro, and other software with various plug-ins are also used and available.

Isolation Booth

This is used during recording sessions to capture proper sound acoustics when “laying tracks” as part of the recording process. The primary equipment that’s used by the artist in the booth is the microphone and headset. The booth has connections to the Control Room equipment where the recording is tracked and captured to disc by the sound engineer. The ever important communication between the artist and the engineer, and any tracks (music or other sound tracks) the artist is performing to, is achieved by the headset worn in the Isolation Booth by the artist. As well as a series of microphones and switching equipment in the Control Room. Between takes the artist and engineer can speak freely to each other, providing feedback and direction. The engineer in the Control Room also has a visual live camera feed of the artist in the booth.

When recording larger groups or instrumental artists/bands, the same can be achieved by using the Live Room microphones, and headsets.

Live Room

This is a 500sq. ft. multi-purpose room that’s acoustically enhanced for proper sound. Artists perform in the Live Room with live instruments and are recorded from the Control Room. Cables, mics, headsets, and camera equipment allow for communication between the Live Room and the engineer and producers in the Control Room.

The Live Room can also be leased for use by artists to rehearse, jam, teach, collaborate, meet-up, compose, audition, and more! Local businesses may find this room appropriate for product demos, seminars, social mixers, meetings, and other events.

Depending on the clients needs, the room is easily re-arranged and setup in advance of your arrival. The Live Room can be converted into theater style seating, a classroom style, or an open concept. Clients will also have access to the Lounge and Kitchen areas, which can also be converted to a conference or meeting room setup.

The Lounge and Peeps in our Studio

This is a multipurpose area that serves as a reception, waiting, or rest area for artists and visitors. It can be converted into a seminar/meeting room by converting the pool table into a conference table. Then adding a slide projector and screen to the front area, white board, or presentation boards.

There is a full kitchen at the end of the room, which makes it highly convenient to serve food and refreshments at your meetings and other events. Anyone who uses our studio is welcome to bring food and beverages to store, heat, and serve them from the kitchen area during contracted sessions.

Check out some of the people who’ve used our studio! We are a business, but we do enjoy the people and collaboration side of our business a great deal!

The Studio Office

This is the place where we conduct business with our clients. Bookings, payments, contracts, and agreements for services are handled here. We also have project meetings and brainstorming sessions conducted here when appropriate, or by request.

Studio tours, visitors, and schedules are all coordinated here by our office staff. Our studio phone will be answered by a live person during standard daytime business hours 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday. After hours calls will have appropriate option prompts and voice message capabilities. We have improved and revised our office procedures recently, to better meet the needs of our clients and potential clients. Customer service is of the utmost importance at Full Circle Studio of the Hudson Valley. Our commitment to handle phone messages, email, and online contact forms promptly is how we live our core values.

Let us know what you think. Contact us today and arrange a no obligation personal tour, meet our professional staff, and let’s discuss your music and audio inspirations and goals!