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June 2012: Head Audio Engineer: Daniel R. Gumaer, explains Control Room equipment during Open House

Full Circle Studio of the Hudson Valley is a family owned and operated business offering recording studio services for commercial application. Facilities for live studio entertainment rehearsals, business meetings and events are also available.

Our goal is to offer our clients and artists a quality, comfortable, and professional environment to record, create and collaborate on their music. Whether you’re an amateur or serious professional or you need a refined demo and press package, our services are flexible and go beyond the industry standard.

What about services for businesses? We have those too! If you need a place for a meeting or presentation, you might like to lease our space. Review our list of services below and remember to book your personal visit and tour of our studio – catch the beat!

From expert tracking, mixing, and mastering CDs. To presentations, meetings or classes that need professional sound design. We have you covered, full circle.

Music and Audio

Our studio engineer will set you up in the Isolation Booth, or the Live Room, then record and capture your tracks to disc with expert quality assurance from the Control Room. Communication is achieved from mics, headsets, and camera equipment between the Isolation Booth or Live Room, and the engineer and producers in the Control Room.

After your sounds are expertly tracked with the desired transpositions. We blend (mix) and multisample your tracks waveforms. Then arrange them with the desired effects that apply to the overall “feeling” of the music and audio.

Mixing can be a lengthy process. The complexity of the tracks (# of instruments, vocals, dubs, added sound tracks, etc.) and special effects are a determining factor. We are here to help you achieve your goals in a professional and reasonable way. Projects may be assessed for potential “cap off” or flat rate pricing at some point. Everything is done by the hour unless negotiated and agreed up front.

Service Cost: $40 – $60 / hr.  Based on number of hours booked in the same session. Includes entire facility, all equipment in our facility and the engineer and staff.

Volumes and levels are adjusted for high quality sound continuity across a project. This is done for the final track output, and professional stereo sound package.

Service Cost: based on number of songs (tracks). The more songs in the collection the lower the rate per song.

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation personal tour of our facilities, and find out more about our music and audio services!

Instrumental / Beat Mixes

Listen to that mix!
An original mix is completely fabricated from start to finish by using electronic and/or live instruments and various software programs to create the end result. These mixes are able to be registered for copyright because they are considered original musical compositions. We’ve included some clips of original mixes from our studio. We have an extensive selection of mixes available for sale or lease to become part of your own composition and production.

Beat 1

Beat 2

Beat 3

Beat 4

Beat 5

Beat 6

Beat 7

Beat 8

Beat 9

Here On The Stage

Service Cost: as negotiated between the artist and the producer

Facilities Use

Calling all artists, bands, choirs, theater groups, and others!
Need space to rehearse? Just want to jam? Need to a hold auditions? Provide lessons / other trainings? Host a business meeting in a unique environment?

You can reserve our entire facility including the Live Room by the hour for all of your performing arts, practice sessions, or any other needs you may have. We’ll even include a fine tuned drum kit and piano in the hourly rate! We know the cost and hassle it takes to travel with those instruments. Our Live Room boasts high quality acoustics and includes all equipment at no additional cost! We can accommodate anywhere from a single artist, to a full sized band!

Service Cost: $25 – $40 / hr. (depends on the purpose of use – call for a quote!)

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation personal tour of our facilities, and find out more about the benefits of this service!

Engineers and Producers

Need a professional studio to work with your clients or create your projects?
If you are an engineer or producer who doesn’t have a studio? Why not use ours? Once you are “approved” by our Head Engineer…. you can lease our entire studio by the hour. Use the  Control Room for all of your tracking, mixing or production work…. and you can make use our high-quality Live Room, and record your clients with our state-of-the-art equipment. Cables, mics, headsets, instruments, all equipment (whatever we have here) is included for the same rate. Don’t forget our amazing Isolation Booth – high quality acoustics specially designed and built by our Head Engineer!

Our studio fosters an amazing ambiance for creativity and inspiration. High ceilings, comfortable seating, beautiful Hudson River views, downtown riverfront business district close to all amenities – train station, buses and restaurants at our doorstep! Call for a no obligation tour or to discuss your needs. We are already here – why not reap the benefits of what we have created!

Service Cost: $25 – $35 / hr. (depends on day / time / length of session – call for a quote!)

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation personal tour of our facilities, meet our Head Engineer, and find out more about the benefits of recording at one of the most unique studios to hit the Hudson Valley.

Meetings, Seminars, Training, and Events

Most people and businesses think of hotel conference rooms or restaurants for these types of needs. Think outside the obvious and make that next meeting one to remember! We have a beautiful scenic view of the Hudson River, space to mix and mingle, its a unique environment that can easily translate to you having an event folks will continue to remember for years!
We have space available for up to 40 ish people, depending on the type of event. You would lease the entire facility as your dedicated space for open mixing and mingling or with your preferred customized setup.

Arrangements can be made for:

  • Tables, chairs, whiteboard, flip chart, digital projector, screen
  • We have kitchenette for your refreshments or catering
  • Live or recorded music, and more

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation personal tour of our facilities, and find out more about the benefits of having Meetings, Seminars, Training, and Events at the hottest and most unique studio to hit the Hudson Valley.

We book all services and meetings by appointment only, to ensure every client receives personalized attention and the professional care they deserve. All clients securing any services from the studio must sign a studio agreement/contract. The signer must be at least 18 years old or have a parent or legal guardian sign the agreement on their behalf. Payment in full, for our services must be received before any final work product (recording session files, mixes, CDs) will be released to the client. If you lease space or book a recording session, you are expected to pay us in advance or at the start of your session. We accept cash and credit/debit cards.

Head Engineer in Session

Please contact us in advance to arrange a no obligation personal tour, meet our professional staff, and discuss the depth and benefits of our services.

Who do we work with?

We work with the musically talented who desire to capture and preserve that talent on digital media for enjoyment and sharing with others. From the amateur to the serious professional, our services are flexible and can accommodate all your needs from a simple track to a complete demo and press package.

We can accommodate performers and artists in need of space for rehearsals, auditions, and jamming.

Facility and audio services for businesses to market, meet, train, and more.

From expert tracking, mixing, and mastering CDs, to presentations, meetings or classes that need professional sound design. We have you covered, full circle.

Contact us today!