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About Us

Daniel R. Gumaer – Head Audio Engineer – Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Daniel has been independently studying his craft since the age of 14 when he recognized his passion for the recording industry. He took instrumental instruction of drums, guitar, piano, and flute in his early years, and today, it drives his passion of all music genres. He holds a deep appreciation for the performing arts as well. Whether it’s instrumental, voice, dance, stage or film. He has also taken hip hop dance instruction, and worked as a DJ entertainer.

In 2002 he seized an opportunity to apprentice briefly at Skyline Studio in Manhattan. From this experience his desire to work in audio recording intensified. Soon after, he attended the Institute of Audio Research (IAR), in Manhattan. His studies at IAR validated his knowledge and talent as an audio engineer.

While overcoming many life obstacles. Daniel took pen to paper and wrote verses, created beats, and mixed and mastered his works. He boldly performed his compositions on live stage at local venues in Poughkeepsie and Brooklyn, NY. Although it was never his intention, through those experiences he recognized how dedication and determination can overcome all else (he had come full circle). As a result, he wishes to share his knowledge and encourage others to reach their potential.

Today, his expanded vision is to live his passion by working as an audio engineer and studio entrepreneur, as well as helping others to recognize and achieve their goals. With overwhelming joy, Daniel launched his recording studio some 15 years later in June of 2012 as Full Circle Studio of the Hudson Valley.


Scott T. Gumaer– Asst. Audio Engineer – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Scott’s love of music began early-on with lessons in guitar, violin, coronet, and later piano. He studied and became quite proficient at Hip Hop / Break Dance and performed locally. With his brother Dan, he created music loops and started mixing in a home studio throughout his teen years. In his adult years, he studied computers and earned a diploma in Computer Networking and Technical Support.

Scott has also worked many events throughout the Hudson Valley area as a DJ Entertainer. He is a primary business developer for Full Circle Studio of the Hudson Valley and strives to build and maintain strong relationships with artists and clients throughout the community.

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We have strong working relationships with quality partners: Film makers, Vocalists, Bands, Sound Technicians, Producers, and more!

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